Small Miracle's seasoned executive team maintains decades of diverse early childhood education experience, business experience and leadership skills. Together, these individuals guide and direct the company toward its goals of providing the best care available for families at an outstanding value.



Mr. Cochran is a graduate of the Naval Academy (top 20% of his class), and he served ten years as a Naval Officer. Mr. Cochran was honorably discharged in 1980. He left the Navy to pursue his interests in the real estate and childcare fields.

From 1980 to 1995, Mr. Cochran opened, developed, bought and sold numerous childcare operations. In 1995, Mr. Cochran owned eight childcare centers including a franchise preschool, a start-up and six acquisitions. At that time, Mr. Cochran was approached by a major Canadian childcare company, Mini-Skool Early Learning Centers, and sold six of the centers to this firm.

With the proceeds from the sale he built and developed eight centers in Tucson and Phoenix, achieved national accreditation for all of them and subsequently sold them to Knowledge Learning Corporation, now known as Kindercare.

In 2002, Mr. Cochran built Pusch Ridge Preschool in Oro Valley, which has been acclaimed as one of the most creative and innovative centers in the country. icon Larry_Cochran.pdf (25 KB)



Co-Founder/Chief Executive OfficerKeir Cochran

Keir Cochran is the Chief Executive Officer for Small Miracles, LLC. He has held this position since December of 2000.

In this capacity, he has become a knowledgeable and effective voice for child care and other aspects of early childhood education in Arizona and across the nation. He has been a preschool teacher, after school teacher, curriculum writer, supervisor of day care services, and special projects and acquisitions director.

He works closely with each of the different child care agencies across the state and has a strong grasp of the diversity of issues impacting each community. He has demonstrated a unique ability to provide creative ideas and offer leadership on policy issues relevant to child care.

Mr. Cochran brings an impressive background of professional experience. He has worked extensively with all levels of government, business leaders and community based organizations in child care. Mr. Cochran has helped design, develop and manage a broad range of innovative projects in child care.

Under his leadership, Mr. Cochran oversaw the opening and day-to-day operations of the Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten that opened in 2001. The state-of-the-art facility was one of a kind and received numerous regional, state and national accolades not only for the building, but also for its program. Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten was licensed for 195 children and had a staff of 25 employees.

Within six months, Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten was not only profitable but was on its way to becoming accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children. In June 2005, Mr. Cochran helped negotiate the sale of Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten.  icon Keir_Cochran.pdf (33 KB)



Chief Operating Officer

Sandi Jordan has been in the child care industry in Arizona for the past twenty-three years. She started as a school age and kindergarten teacher and was soon promoted to an assistant director and then director of her own center with La Petite Academy.

Quickly her new center became profitable and she was promoted to regional director of eight centers in Tucson. Her territory grew to include centers in Phoenix.

Her interest in high quality child care led her to Kids and Company as an accreditation specialist. Her team of eight centers became accredited through the National Accreditation Commission. When the centers were sold to Knowledge Learning Corporation, she continued to work as a director and was later promoted to regional manager for centers in Phoenix and Tucson.

In 2002, she was named Regional Director of the Year. All centers maintained their accreditation and were highly profitable generating revenues from 300,000 to 1,000,000 dollars per year. She later supervised centers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.  icon SandiJordan.pdf (20 KB)

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